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Written by SeacoastNH Maritime Heritage


John Paul Jones not only had a fascinating life, but a captivating death. 2005/2006 marke the centennial of his reburial after his mummified body was discovered under the streets of Paris. The story is rarely told, except in hushed tones and expect here. We have so many articles no the topic that we've collected them into this one-click linking page. New articles will be added as they arrive. For the last century, Jones can be found in Annapolis, MD.



Collected Tales of Paul Jones Body 1905/ 1906

JPJThe Two Burials of John Paul Jones

Our detailed and popular essay on the first burial on July 20, 1792, followed by the exhumation in April and May of 1905, transportation of the remains to America and reburial at Annapolis from 1906 – 1913.



JPJ Body

Is this the Corpse of John Paul Jones?

Includes the photograph from the 1906 government report of Jones mummified corpse and an animated GIF comparison of the Houdon bust with the body, also from government report. Includes factual "proof" from government report.


JPJ CoffinScientific American Report from 1905

The most authoritative report from the American media at the time of the discovery. Includes summary of events from one the respected scientific magazine, transcribed from the original article. Also includes original pictures from the aritcle.



JPJ ExhumedExhuming the Body in Paris (Photos)

Photographs from the 1906 "dig" in the streets of Paris. Includes images of the tunnel, the diggers and the shops at street level. All images from the Boston Masonic Temple library and published by special permission on



ToddyFuneral Eulogy by Teddy Roosevelt

Jones was a boyhood hero of Roosevelt who was also Secretary of the Navy. He arranged for $35,000 in payments from the US Government to expedite the exhumation and spoke at Annapolis before Jones’ corpse in 1906.




AutopsyOfficial JPJ Autopsy Report

After the exhumation Jones body was autopsied by three doctors at the medical facility in Paris. The detailed report was printed in 1906 by the US Government to support the theory that Horace Porter had actually discovered the correct remains.



ChapelPostcards from Annapolis Crypt

Jones’ body was entombed in 1913 below the Chapel at Annapolis in a marble sepulchre fashioned after that of Napoleon Bonaparte. Includes half a dozen images from early souvenir photographs of the crypt and chapel.