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John Paul Jones

(1747 - 1792)

Scottish born naval captain John Paul Jones visited New Hampshire twice. In 1777 he took Portsmouth-built RANGER with a Piscataqua crew to France. There he worried the British in a series of guerilla raids before his famous battle in the BON HOMME RICHARD. Later, a hero decorated by the king of France, he returned to Portsmouth to fit out the AMERICA, largest ship of war ever built in the nation to that day. Jones stayed at the Purcell House, today the Paul Jones Museum. This site offers those stories and many more.
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JPJ Scottish Birthplace  

Paul Jones Mummy Index

The Helen Seavey Quilting Party Legend

JPJ for Young Readers

Postcards from Paul Jones Crypt

Ranger Barely Captures HMS Drake in 1778

He Bought HMS Drake

Exclusive Interview with Evan Thomas
Author of newest JPJ biography

Female Singer Plays JPJ in 1890 Comic Operetta

Paul Jones Onstage in Portsmouth and Scotland

Bret Harte's Bonhomme Poem

Unfurling the Truth of JPJ and the US Flag

JPJ Movie Star Publicity Photos

Gardens at JPJ House Museum

JPJ & the 74-Gun America

We Hold Paul Jones' Pistol

John Hancock Meets "Little Jones"

Don't Give Up the Chip

Ranger Crew Storms Market Square

JPJ Returns to Portsmouth

The Perilous Life of the Paul Jones House

Poems for the JPJ House

The NH Lawsuit Against Capt. Jones

Rare JPJ Battle Scene Surfaces

Rebuild the Ranger Official web Site

A 1900 Calendar With JPJ & Friends

Local Prof. Spots Fake JPJ

Mrs. Stafford's Paul Jones Flag --- Not!

Collecting Trivia from the 1959 Film

Scientific American 1905 Report on JPJ's Body

Ballad of "The Ranger Flag"

See the 1959 JPJ Movie Ad

JPJ Documentary: Stamp of Greatness

Melbourne Smith Looks at the Ranger

Time Capsule Buried in JPJ's Front Yard
All the photos from the Portsmouth Historical Society event

Let's Rebuild the Ranger! (Opinion)

Great Encouragement for Seamen
See the original Ranger recruiting handbill

Robert Stack in John Paul Jones, the Film

Scenes from JPJ's 251st Birthday Party

Portsmouth's Ranger Raids Britain!

Two Burials of John Paul Jones

Is This Body Really JPJ?

Photos of JPJ Exhumation Site in Paris 1905

The Autopsy Report of 1905

Teddy Roosevelt's Eulogy, 1906

John Paul Jones Hotlinks

John Paul Jones: Life Chronology

John Paul Jones In Portsmouth, NH

The Importance Of The Ranger

John Paul Jones: Pirate Or Patriot?

John Paul Jones Portrait Gallery

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