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John Smith Web Links

Colin Farrell as Captain John Smith

John Smith’s career has been on the rise lately. First Mel Gibson voiced him in the Disney cartoon about Pocahontas. Now Colin Farrell plays him in the adventure film "The New World". And to top it off, 2007 is the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, VA. Following is our list of quick links to the man who first named New England.




Our interest is, of course, John Smith’s impact on New England. With all the fuss over Pocahontas and Jamestown, his exploits in this part of the country sometimes are forgotten. Please let us know when you find broken links or weird connections. Web links are volatile and can change suddenly and we have no way of knowing unless you let us know. Our email link is at the very bottom of every page. Enjoy your cruise. -- JDR

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Download Smith's New England Map 
This is a free service of The Gold Bug from California which offers early maps on CD-rom.Gold Bug.

Why John Smith Never Came Back 
Our original essay. He wanted to return to found a colony in New England, but no matter how hard he tried, Smith could not get here.

The Ugliest Monument in New England
The New Hampshire memorial has been falling apart since 1864. Why?

Mapping New England 
The cartographic creation of New England showing its evolution through key maps including Smith's

On the Advantages of New England
John Smith writes about Yankee country before there were Yankees

John Smith on the Pilgrims
Not much, but a few contemporary comments on Plymouth

Cover of "Description of New England" 
A good close-up showing the first use of the words "New England"

The Smith Monument on Star Island 
Up close and gross, the deteriorating monument & history


The New World Movie
Colin Farrell tries his hand at playing John Smith in this 2006 films. Click on FEATURES from some good details.

Pocahontas by Disney
The 1995 cartoon detailed on Internet Movie Database with Mel Gibson as the voice of John Smith.

Marketing Pocahontas
Creating "the white man’s Indian"

The Pocahontas Myth
Disney and the Indian girl

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John Smith Monument
Not the ugly one in NH, but the good one.

Jamestown 2007
America and Jamestown turn 400 years old. This is the "official" site of that celebration, at least, that is what the web site says.

Jamestown 1607
The detailed web site of the historic Jamestown colony museum

Captain John Smith (& Pocahontas)
Detailed personalized history by a Williamsburg tour guide, Lots of info.

Smith on Wikipedia
Be careful. Double check any facts you find here.

John Smith Timeline
Short overview of his life

Jamestown Rediscovery 
Amazing details on the recent archeological discovery of Fort James and info on touring and history of the settlement

Jamestown Society
Good detail on Smith, but you must be descended from a Jamestwon settler to join. Includes short history of Smith, the colony and a list of members.

Virtual Jamestown
A great resource with primary documents, laws, maps, accounts by historians, a timeline, records of anniversary celebrations, teaching materials and more.

The Herschel H. Helm Jamestowne Collection  

National Park Service Jamestown
Wonderfully diverse resource with history of Smith, Pocahontas, and others, a comparison with Plymouth Colony, Native American info, background, politics, African American info, bibliographies, timelines

Statue of John Smith
Virginia statue at Jamestown by William Couper was erected in1909.

American Indian Resource Center (AIRC)
Native American’s on Jamestown Settlement

Was Smith a Liar?
From American Heritage magazine 

Werowocomoco Research Project
Archaeology begun in the 1970s with continued updates

The John Smith Window
Stained glass scene shown in detail from St. Sepulchre's Church Without Newgate where John Smith is buried in England (Jamestown Scoiety) 

Flowerdew Hundred Museum
Examine artifacts from the earliest days of colonial Virginia 

Selected Writings and Bibliography
By Captain Smith

From: The Settlement of Virginia (1607)
By John Smith

Smith and the Bard
Article on Smith in a Shakespeare web site

From: The Proceedings of the English Colony in Virginia (1612)
By John Smith

An Essay on John Smith
On Colonial Williamsburg web site 

From: The Starving Time (1624)
By John Smith 

From: The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England & the Summer Isles (1624)
By John Smith 


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Did Pocahontas Save John Smith? 
A college term paper  

A Short Biography
From Spectrum online learning magazine. Good starting point for kids and an interesting modern illustration.Watch out for lots of ads.

Gloucester County, VA, Home of Pocahontas 
Some history, plus info on the memorial statue there and the Pocahontas Quarterly publication.

The Jamestown Story
Pocahontas page from Association for Preservation of Virginia Antiquities

Her Life & Legend 
Brief summary from the National Park Service 

The Pocahontas Myth 
Native American web page from New Jersay of the Powhatan Renape Nation. Powhatan was the father of Pocahontas. Also a reaction to the Disney movie

Four Faces of Pocahontas
Interesting opening graphic and concise short description

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