Portsmouth's Bad Boy Tom
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Thomas Bailey Aldrich as a boyThomas Bailey Aldrich
1836 - 1907

Arguable Portsmouth's most famous writer, TB Aldrich is best known for his his mischievous youth. His "Story of a Bad Boy" (1869) is still in print and inspired Mark Twain's mischevious Tom Sawyer. As a poet and editor of The Atlantic Monthly, Aldrich mixed with the Boston lieterati. But he never forgot his childhood days at Grampa Nutter's house in Portsmouth, today a museum. His compact history of Portsmouth, An Old Town by the Sea, is still a readable guide to the old port. Both his classics are reprinted here in full on the most complete Aldrich homage available online.

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An Old Town by the Sea
By Thomas Bailey Aldrich
The complete text of Aldrich's 1869
tour of Portsmouth.

I. Captain John Smith Page 1
II. Along the Water Side Page 7
III. A Stroll About Town Page 22
IV. A Stroll About Town (continued) Page 34
V. Old Strawberry Bank Page 61
VI. Some Old Portsmouth Profiles Page 82
VII. Personal Reminiscences Page 105
Index of Names Page 125



Story of a Bad Boy
By Thomas Bailey Aldrich
The complete text of Aldrich's best known novel.
Watch for new chapters as we add them

I. In Which I Introduce Myself
II. In Which I Entertain Peculiar Views
III. On Board the Typhoon
IV. Rivermouth
V. The Nutter House
VI. Lights and Shadows
VII. One Memorable Night
VIII. The Adventures of a Fourth
IX. I Become a RMC
X. I Fight Conway
XI. All About Gypsy
XII. Winter at Rivermouth
XIII. The Snow Fort on Slatter's Hill
XIV. The Cruise of the Dolphin
XV. An Old Acquaintance Turns Up
XVI. In Which Sailor Ben Spins a Yarn
XVII. How We Astonished the Rivermouthians
XVIII. A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go
IX. I Become a Blighted Being
XX. In Which I Prove Myself to Be the Grandson of My Grandfather
XXI. In Which I Leave Rivermouth
XXII. Exeunt Omnes