William Loeb
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News Publisher (1905 - 1985)

William Loeb

William Loeb's father, a stenographer, became secretary and a principle advisor to President Theodore Roosevelt and was one of his era's most powerful figures. Before he became known as the publisher of New Hampshire's only statewide newspaper, The Manchester Union Leader, William Loeb III tried many other careers. According to a recent documentary, "Poweful as Truth", Loeb sold quic- dry paint, surplus rum and puncture proof tires. Fiercely anti-Communist Loeb first purchased two Vermont papers, then became a key player in NH politics for three decades. Loeb may be best known for has scathing, conservative front page editorials and racist views. He derided Eisenhower, Kissinger, Kennedy and others in his vitriolic front-page editorials. In person, others say, he was charming and genteel. The rise of Loeb's notoriety was heightened by the growing importance of New Hampshire's first-in- the-nation presidential primary. Surprising to some, Loeb's legal residence was in Nevada and he lived primarily in a palatial home in Prides' Crossing, Mass. After his death, his wife Nackey Loeb took over as publisher until she died in 2000.

Was he the meanest man in NH
or just a guy with a newspaper?

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John Gfroerer releases a documentary film on the Loeb's life. He has no web site, but you can find the producer at Accompany in Concord: (603) 226--3130

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William Loeb Jr. During Assassination of McKinley
Secretary to Roosevelt, Loeb's father broke the news to the new president.

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Manchester Union Leader Web Site
Loeb did not live long enough to see the Internet. Now his web site is produced at the UL offices on William Loeb Drive in Manchester

St. Albans Messenger
William Loeb's first newspaper was in Vermont


Loeb Plaza
On the New Hampshire Heritage Trail

William Loeb Memorial Fund

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