Marilla Ricker
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First NH Lawyer (1840 - 1920)

New Hampshire's first woman lawyer, Marilla Ricker was certified to try cases in front of the US Supreme Court and even ran for state governor, but she was still unable to vote. Across America, the suffragist movement followed close behind the abolitionist movement. Women like Ricker worked tirelessly to gain the voting rights, and Ricker was reportedly the first woman in NH to attempt to register to vote. A property owner in Dover, NH, Ricker believed that, if she paid property taxes, she should be able to vote. She would go on registering, and being denied the vote until 1920, when just months before her death -- she voted legally in the United States for the first time. Born in New Durham, NH, Ricker was known especially for her work in prison reform and for her religious writings. Ricker was distinct as a lawuer in her time -- and in any other -- becuase she worked for her clients for free.

Long before Ally McBeal, Marilla
was the first female lawyer & first to vote

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By J. Dennis Robinson
Photo Courtesy of Thom Hindle Images of the Past Gallery
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