Josiah Bartlett
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Liberty Signer (1729 - 1795)

Josiah Bartlett

Dr. Josiah Bartlett is best known today as the to sign the Declaration of Indenpendence (after John Hancock). William Whipple and Matthew Thornton also signed from New Hampshire. Born in Amesbury, MA, Bartlett practiced medicine in the nearby little town of Kingston, NH. He was respected as a staunch patriot and He married his first cousin Mary Bartlett of Newton, MA and they had ten children. Refusing to take a bribe from the Royal Governor, he remained a patriot, but lost his post as Justice of the Peace and Militia leader for the King. Bartlett twice attended the Continental Congress and, after the Revolutionary War, became a "president" of New Hampshire. When the title changed to "governor".in 1792, Bartlett was again elected. Though not the first chief executive of the new state, Bartlett was technically the first man to bear the title of governor in NH. His name is even more famous today due to the television series West Wing. In the popular show, actor Martin Sheen plays Josiah "Jeb" Bartlett, a Catholic Democrat governor from NH who is elected Preisidnet of the US.

Before television's West Wing, the real
Josiah Bartlett was "president" of NH

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Mevers, Frank C., ed. The Papers of Josiah Bartlett. Hanover, N.H.: New Hampshire Historical Society, Univ. Press of New England, 1979. 516 pp.

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