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Black History Links African American history, so long ignored in textbooks, now thrives on the Internet. Popular response into our New Hampshire section has pushed it consistently into the Top Ten most rnvisited sections on SeacoastNH. Here's a sample of our favorite related web pages. Readers are wecomed to mail potential links for this popular page that focuses rnon New England black history.

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Seacoast NAACP 

Visible Black History in Maine

The Dred Scott Case

A Civil Rights Sojourn

Valerie Cunningham in AMERICAN PROFILES

Afroroots Search engine for African American culture

The Chosen One: Story of Harriet Tubman

African American Resources

Reunion: BlackHistory in New England

Association for the Study of African-American History & Life -- Gateway to the Black World

Images from NY Public Library

Christian Science Monitor's Black History Project

African America Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship

Africans in America The online version with narration and teacher guide to the PBS series on the history of slavery in America

Black Facts Online

The History Channel Lots of black history profiles, but you have to search for them since web pages move around, it seems

The Black Patriots Foundation

AFRO-American Almanac The AFRO-American Almanac is an on-line presentation of the African in America.

Boston Museum of Afro American History

African American Mosaic

The Internet African American History ChallengeĀ©

Everything Black

Amistad Slavery Links

The Underground Railroad There was no railroad and it wasn't underground. The detailed history is here.

Black Baseball Early Negro baseball leagues