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The Warner House

Macphaedris Warner House Table of Contents (continued)

Warner House by Helen Pearson on

Warner House Book

  1. The Merchant’s House
    by Richard M. Candee & John B. Wastrom
  2. The Painted Finished
    by Joyce Geary Volk & Brian Powell
  3. Later Eighteenth-Century Architectural Changes
    by Richard M. Candee, John B. Wastrom & Philip H. Kendrick
  4. Paintings and Prints
    by Janet B. McCracken & Joyce Geary Volk
  5. Family Possessions: The Furniture
    by Johanna McBrien
  6. Polly Warner’s Library
    by Mary Kelley
  7. Ceramics and Glass
    by Robert L. Barch & Louise Richardson
  8. Textiles
    Diane L. Affleck
  9. Personal Adornment from the Warner House: The Archaeological Evidence
    by Carolyn L. White
  10. The Story of the Parlor
    by Carolyn Parsons Roy
  11. Rediscovering the Family in the Nineteenth Century
    by James Smith
  12. The Colonial Revival
    by Richard M. Candee
  13. The House Today
    by Joyce Geary Volk


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