Portland Head Light Picture HIstory
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Written by Timothy Harrison

Vintage car commercial using Portland Head Light  as a backdrop

It all started back when Maine was part of Massachusetts and Portland was called Falmouth. Portland Head Light is still glowing strong. This new book tells the tale in hundreds of images, both color and black and white. This is the ultimate souvenir for the most photographed lighthouse in Maine.




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Portland Head Light - A Pictorial Journey Through Time
by Timothy Harrison

Portland Head Light picture historyEvery lighthouse has a book hidden beneath its ancient spiral staircase. Tim Harrison has discovered the full story of Portland Head Light, sometimes called the "Granddaddy of America's Lighthouses." Harrison knows his stuff. He is president of the American Lighthouse Foundation, co-founder of Lighthouse Depot in Wells, where he lives, and editor of Lighthouse Digest magazine.

This paperback is a great scrapbook-style gallery with lots of short highly visual sections. Besides the usual history and interviews with lighthouse keepers, this book includes crisp reproductions of all those Portland Head postcards and chronicles its life in advertising too. One section makes the connection to poet William Wadsworth Longfellow, another long-time Portland resident. Another shows all the lighthouses within view of Portland Head.

Also includes:
-- Many rare & historic photos not seen before
-- Published as a nonprofit fundraiser
-- Memories & stories about the keepers and families.
-- Stories about the pets, ghosts, sea serpent, rescues & more.

Portland Head Light: A Pictorial Journey Through Time
by Timothy Harrison
Foghorn Publishing
Soft cover, 8 1/2" x 11", 153 pages.
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