New Book Illustrates Plight of Wild Horses
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Written by Denise Brown


Horses are no longer a necessity for work or transportation as they were in the days of the Wild West. Unwanted horses are often abused, abandoned, or worse. A new book by illustrator Denise Brown takes on these controversial practices. Wind, Wild Horse Rescue is an adventure about the plight of America's wild mustangs and the fight to prevent from being eliminated on public lands. (Continued below)



Wind focuses on the handling and management of the wild herds. The book also takes on the inhumanity of the slaughterhouse and the debate over what to do with wild horses. It also reveals many of the challenges faced by wild horses through the eyes, ears, and senses of a young colt named "Wind". Wind is chased by a helicopter and captured during a round-up. The names here are fictitious, but the events are real.

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WIND_coverThe author hopes the world will realize wild mustangs should be treated humanely and should be allowed to live on the public lands that have been set aside for them. Working together, Brown says, informed Americans can ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy these beautiful creatures -- and not just in the movies.

Author and illustrator Denise F. Brown grew up next to several horse farms. Her love for horses and animals, and her talent as an equine artist, gave her the courage to write and illustrate this book. Wind has over 100 beautiful equine sketches and paintings.

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I grew up in New Hampshire, took riding lessons, and have sketched and painted horses all my life. I have never had my own horse, but became an equine artist in order to stay in touch with horses and horse people.

During my research for WIND I discovered that hundreds of thousands of wild mustangs and burros are being legally harvested, chased, or harassed each year. Mustangers and helicopter pilots “hot shot,” brand, and place wild horses in holding pens with no shelter, often for years. Only a few are given the opportunity to be adopted. If not adopted, they are sold and transported in crammed trailers to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico.  There they are killed and processed into horse meat that is sold for human consumption in Europe and Japan.

Some horses are poisoned by cattle ranchers. Others are abused and neglected by owners who cannot afford to care for them. Rescue shelters and organizations across the country have joined the fight to help save them. However, I believe that stronger legislation and enforcement is needed to protect the wild mustangs and burros from a terrible fate.

You can help too. Share the story of Wind with your friends and family. Write a letter asking your Congressperson to vote to protect these horses from a slaughterhouse. Volunteer at or donate to an animal rescue center, or adopt a wild horse or burro if you have a farm or ranch.