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History and Genealogy of "Elder" John Whipple


If your name is Whipple, this is your book. The genealogy section includes nearly 7,000 names and over 1,500 summaries. Our interest is in the detailed original chapter on the life of Declaration signer William Whipple who is buried in Portsmouth, NH where his house still stands today. Blaine Whipple offers a fresh new perspective on one of our NH "Framers of Freedom".  

Four men with the surname Whipple were in the American colonies by the early 1630s. This book is about one of those men: "Elder" John Whipple of Ipswich, Massachusetts and his 6,880 American descendants, covering 15 generations. In addition to these lineages, the book offers a social history of various family members beginning with John's father, Matthew, Sr., a successful Clothier of Bocking, Essex Co., England who was born about 1560.

Many of the most prominent families of early colonial America married into the Whipple family. Included in the pages of this book are members of the Dea. Simon Stone family of Great Bromley, England and Watertown, Mass.; Samuel Appleton of Little Waldingfield, England and Ipswich; William Goddard of London and Watertown; Thomas Hinckley, last govenor of Plymouth colony; Humphrey Reynor of England and Rowley; Daniel Denison , major general of the Massachusetts colony; Dr. Comfort Starr of Canbrook, Kent Co., England and Suffolk Co., Mass.; Dea. William Goodhue of England and Ipswich; Job Lane of England and Malden Mass.; etc.

A full biography of general William Whipple, New Hampshire singer of the Declaration of Independence, is presented. Other biographies include president Calvin Coolidge; Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross; James Russell Lowell, author and diplomat; Brigham Young, president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; professor Albert Enoch Pillsburry who taught consitutional law at Boston university; and many other.

667 pages; perfect bound paperback

About the Author
Blaine Whipple has been a commercial real estate broker in Portland, Oreg. since 1963 and authored a 202 page genealogy on his maternal family, Scott, in 1981. He is president of the Roots Users Group of Portland, a self-help group of amateur genealogists; former editor of the Gena Log, a quarterly newsletter of the Washington Country (Oreg.) famly History Society; a contributor to Heritage Quest The Genealogy Magazine; and a memeber of a number of genealogical societies in various parts of the U.S. He began his genealogical work on brothers Matthew and John Whipple of Bocking and Ipswich in the early 1950s doing original research in Bocking and in the various communities in the U.S. settled by his Whipple ancestors.

He has served as an Oregon State Senator, School Board Chairman, Water District Chairmen, Fire District Treasurer, and Emergency Medical Service District Board member. He has degrees from the U. Of Minnesota and the U. Of Oregon and is married with three children and five grandchildren

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