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City Puppies Take Two


Ollie by Nick Diana from City Puppies/
Do most dog owners purchase copies?

Nick Diana: Most owner's purchase copies, but with the first edition there were about 12 owners that passed. What people don't seem to realize is that for me to print these books, I need to sell a lot in advance. If people purchase only one book before they get to see it, and plan on ordering many more afterwards, there might not be anymore because I was not able to afford the larger print quantity. Also, those people who wish to wait and get it in the stores face the same chance it may be sold out. It has helped with my requirement to purchase at least one book, but it would be nicer if people looked at my first edition and took the plunge for more books the first time around.
Can you offer a few tips on how you get such great photos of canines?

Nick Diana: This is really something I can't explain. I have always loved dogs and I feel that I connect with them because I love to play with them. It is almost like playing with a kid. I enjoy playing with these dogs -- and I think they can tell.


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