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Ruby by Nick Diana /
You photograph the dogs for free. How do you make the book profitable?

Nick Diana: Well, I didn't do too much forecasting for the first book, so profit was not something that I had to deal with. I am starting to see positive numbers from the first edition, but they stagger in slowly and are very small numbers. However, to reach those positive numbers, I had to expand my product line, offering dog apparel, note pads, mouse pads, greeting cards, hats, etc. By doing this, I helped pay for all fees associated with the first edition.

With this second book, the price has dramatically been reduced from $35 to $20, due to a soft cover edition. This will definitely increase sales and make it more attractive to those business owners who passed on carrying the book because of its high cost. I am also offering an expanded product line again and require that people whose dogs are pictured must purchase at least one book. This was a hard decision, but to make it work, it is something that I had to realize needed to happen.


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