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City Puppies Take Two


Gwendolyn & Chloe by Nick Diana/
The first volume was intriguing and attractive. How did you distribute it?

Nick Diana: In addition to distributing it to the dog owners, I spent a few days walking around to local Portsmouth businesses to see if they would be interested in selling the book. Most agreed, and soon City Puppies was available at seven locations within the Seacoast area.
How is this book published? It's still rare to see short-run color books of this quality.

Nick Diana: The book gets published by the wonderful publishers, John and Nancy Grossman – of Back Channel Press. I networked for a long time until I connected with them, and when the idea was presented, they fell in love with it as much as I did. It was a good match, and they basically make this book possible. Nancy does all set-up, grammar, layout design, and adds her creativity. John is the master of photo editing and spends way too much time making each dog come alive, as well as dealing with all printing issues. Short run is definitely hard to do, especially with a hard cover, book, but this just means you need to find a printer that is cost-effective, a publisher that does not charge too much to make it feasible, and a product that is guaranteed to sell.


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