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Angel Come Home

Angel the dog and star of Angel Come Home /

First time Portsmouth author Stuart Wisong delivers a sweet episodic melodrama about a man, a woman, a dog and a myriad of unlikely characters. A real dog takes a fictional journey from Portsmouth -- the Paris of New England -- to France and back.




A Sentimental Canine Journey

Angel Come Home used to be a song by the Beach Boys and the title of an episode of Charlie’s Angels. Now it is also the story of one New Hampshire man’s journey to find love and himself through the escapades of his beloved dog when both are traveling in France. If that last sentence does not sound off-kilter, and you can easily and willingly suspend your disbelief, then you may love this sentimental new novel by local author Stuart Wisong.

Angel Come Home by Stuart R wisongAt first glance, this appears to be a book written with children in mind, especially dog-loving, sensitive twelve-year-old girls. The narrative has a child-like quality, uncomplicated by literary style, subplots, or academic pretension. Things simply are what they seem in a world reminiscent of Hollywood film classics like Lassie Come Home or Old Yeller.

Angel Come Home traces the story of a teacher-turned-writer, who travels from Portsmouth, NH to Paris, France with his little white dog Angel. (Angel gets her name from the supernatural way in which sunbeams framed her puppy head, and her uncanny ability to communicate psychically to help the people around her.) The human hero and Angel encounter a wild assortment of characters in their adventures in France.

These unlikely encounters make up the episodic structure of the book that moves along like a weekly TV series or more likely, a 19th century melodrama. They come upon: a wise taxi driver, an invalid with a Nazi war secret, world politicians, a South American maid, a fatherless boy, roller skating table servers, dog thieves, a murderous foil who plots to trick the heroine into marriage, and, of course, the heroine herself. She turns out to be the hero’s long-lost first love. Although they had been separated for 30 years, both have kept their youthful personalities intact.

Just how the dog draws these two together, after Angel is dog-knapped, forms the core of this independently published book, and pulls the story forward in compelling ways. After getting over the opening scenes in Portsmouth, which for some reason made me flinch, the novel’s innocence and sweetness won me over and made me read on, hoping for the promised reunion and a happy ending.    – Maryellen Burke

Angel Come Home
By Stuart R. Wisong
$19.95 postpaid
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Angel with Stuart R. Wisong author of Angel Come Home / Courtesy photo on


Brad Kennedy is a public schoolteacher and writer of travel books. Living alone, He decides to adopt Angel, a Maltese. Soon afterward he becomes aware of her special powers of communication.

Brad is presented with an exceptional opportunity to take early retirement from his teaching position to work full time on his travel books. At Brad's going away party he announces that he will indeed retire and write full-time. His new project will include his adopted companion Angel. Together they will travel to Europe. Until now, Brad has led a normal life.

By a twist of fate, Angel enters the lives of the rich and famous, the criminal, and the redeemed, where she learns heir scandals and deepest secrets in sections of Paris few people know exist. Through her, the lives of all those she has touched are changed.

The journey is not where we are going but what we find along the way that holds the key to our adventure. It is the diversions and the strange circumstances that lead us to the most extraordinary places.

This is a story about wisdom, hope, and renewal, a story that will touch your heart. Come along with Angel and Brad as they tell their story.


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