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Winter Out of Fall

(c) Marianne Pernold-Young

Seacoast Gallery

At first the seasons seem to overlap. There are wintry days in fall as the temperature drops and the snow practices. Then there are fallish days in winter when there breathes a hope that the deep cold will never come. This gallery mixes both together.



Seacoast Fall & Winter Scenes
12 images on three web pages
Portsmouth, NH
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Marianne Pernold-YoungWe proudly present a previously unpublished collection of scenes by Marianne Pernold-Young of Portsmouth. Born in Vienna, Marianne came to the USA at the age of ten. She began her professional photo career in 1972 as a Washington, DC freelancer and chronicled the campaign of President Jimmy Carter.

Today she has abandoned the celebrity and news scene in favor of the changing moods of the seacoast environment. We asked Marianne to collect some of her favorite fall and winter images. Capturing these powerful atmospheric pictures has been her avocation since she moved to Portsmouth in 1981. Now a popular portrait photographer, Marianne calls these her "quiet photographs." -- JDR

Wentowrth by the Sea sunset (c) Marianne Pernold-Young

Fall foliage (c) Marianne Pernold-Young

Ice Patterns (c) Marianne Pernold-Young

Wallis Sands, Rye (cO Marianne Pernold-Young

All photographs copyright Marianne Pernold-Young. All rights reserved.
Originally published here in 1997.

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