More SeacoastNH Headers
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More Seacoast headers

Look up and you'll see this week's header at the top of every web page. In a perfect world, that picture changes every Friday, or Monday -- or whenever we get to it. If you liked our first archived header collection, you'll go ape for this series. Okay, maybe you don't notice them at all. But we think it is amazing how scenic our little 18 mile seacoast is.



Seacoast Header Image Archives; Part 2
(Selected from digital web site images updated weekly)

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Man nalancing on one arm /
Moroccan ex-circus performer Abdeslam by Paul deVries

Barn in Durham
Barn in Durham, NH by Harry Licthman

Porter Street Condos in Portsmouth, NH
Porter  St condos in downtown Portsmouth, NH

Star Island, Isles of Shoals
Oceanic Hotel, Star Island, Isles of Shoals, NH

Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH /
Prescott Park, Portsmouth, NH

Marsh Trail, Weeks HOuse, Greenland, NH /
Marsh Trail, Weeks House, Greenland, NH

Pond at Fort McClary, Kittery, ME /
Pond at Fort McClary, Kittery Point, ME

Boat Launch, Stratham, NH /
Boat launch, Stratham, NH

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Banner Header Archive (continued)

The Narrows, Portsmouth, NH /
Into the Narrows, Portsmouth, NH

Flowers in Portsmouth, NH
Flowers in Portsmouth, NH by Norm O'Neil

Corgi at Rye Beach/
Corgi at Rye Beach, NH

Plymouth Plantation /
Plimouth Plantation, Plymouth, MA

Rocks at Duck Island, Isles of Shoals/
Ledge at Duck Island, Isles of Shoals

Painted whale in Portsmouth parking lot / SeacoastNH
Painted whale in Portsmouth, NH parking lot

Portsmouth tugs and ship in harbor, NH /
Tugs, ship, bridges in Portsmouth Harbor by Harry Lichtman

Commercial fishing pier, Portsmouth, NH /
Commercial fishing pier in Portsmouth, NH

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Banner Header Archive (continued)

1695 Sherburne House in Strawbery Banke /
1695 Sherburen House, Strawbery Banke, NH

Horse near Parson's Beach, Wells, ME /
Near Parsons Beach, Wells, ME

Rye Beach at sunset /
Rye Beach, NH at sunset

White Island lighthouse, Isles of Shoals /
White Island lighthouse at Isles of Shoals

Haley Cemetery, Smuttynose Island /
Haley Cemetery, Smuttynose Island

Kayak at Seapoint Beach, ME /
Kayak at Seapoint Beach, Kittery, ME

Gulls on the Seacoast
Gull on the Seacoast

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