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Now you have FOUR ways to explore the NH Seacoast on this web site. We spent an entire year identifying and visiting well over 100 key locations and events in the region. We have included only long-standing places and events and, while there are hundreds more, this list is a comprehensive and reliable introduction to what the region has to offer. All the information is cross referenced and at your fingertips. Here's how it works:

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See all our selected highlights at once by scrolling down the A-Z List. This is the best fast overview you can find of things to see in the region. The list loads easily and includes over 125 selections from across the Seacoast. For example:

If the title is highlighted, you can click directly to more information, either on our web site, or on others where we have established links. (Note: Use your "Back" button to return to, or bookmark and return via our home page.) In time, we plan to provide added information to every highlight listed!

From here you can also click on "Info" which takes you to a short description of the item. You can also click on "Map" and see where the site is located.

Click here to go directly to A-Z LIST

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For those with special interests, the "101 Highlights" list on the TOURING home page is designed for you. Here you will find a topic by topic summary of each item. Again, if a separate web site exists for any item, you can click directly there. Or you can click from topic to the map. This list is great for those who want to print a hard copy of basic information. You'll often find addresses, directions or telephone numbers to help you plan your visit.

Click here to go directly to 101 HIGHLIGHTS by Category.

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These maps were created by our staff especially for and our accompanying video tape. You can find them nowhere else.

The Seacoast Region map includes a superb summary of items throughout our 25 area towns, from New Castle to Seabrook and west throughout the Piscataqua River area. Click on any blue numbered item and immediately learn what it is. As in the A-Z List, you can either click on the title for detailed information, click on INFO for a short summary, or return to the MAP to select another item. As a bonus we have included clickable insert maps of the key touring towns in the region. Click on the insert box and go directly to these individual maps:

Click here to go directly to MAPS HOME PAGE.

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Looking for a particular place, event, restaurant, hotel, person, place or theme? You can now SEARCH through the entire site in seconds. You must have the correct spelling, but if you don't succeed at first, try as often as you like. The SeacoastNH Search will present you with a list of pages where your key word can be found. You can click directly on the list generated by the computer and go to the section you want.

Click here to do directly to SEARCH engine.

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Don't despair. There are even more ways to cook this lobster. When in doubt you can always:

  • click on SITE MAP at the top of each page for a clear outline of every page on our site.

  • write us a note via TALK WITH US on the home page.

  • send us an E-MAIL at the address at the bottom of every page.

  • write us a SNAIL MAIL letter at the address listed at the bottom of each page.

  • call us on the PHONE during banker's hours EST and leave a recorded message if we're out. Phone #s and other contact info is at the bottom of every page on the site.

  • If you want to know more about us and this site in general, check out the additional sections called ABOUT THIS SITE and, for advertisers, check BE A SPONSOR.
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Remember, you get all this information and all the maps FREE on one 17 x 22 inch page when you buy our videotape. Go the SEACOAST STORE and order it today to see the entire Seacoast in living color (with music and narration). Also check out our "101 Highlights" tape for South Coast Maine as advertised in Downeast Magazine. Nobody does it better.

Click here to go directly to SEACOAST STORE.

© 1997 All rights reserved.

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